Adjusting Text Size in the KB Portal

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Adjusting Text Size in the KB Portal
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All versions of Knowledgebase

For articles created by uploading non-HTML files (examples PDF/Word documents); the font type, style, and size are defined in the document itself. Once uploaded, the file can either be displayed in its inherent format, or can be converted to HTML.

To change the font size of an inherent format article, you will need to utilize the tools within the application displaying that article. For example, if you are viewing a .doc formatted article, it will display in MSWord and you should use the Zoom function to resize the page to be more easily readable.

If you are viewing a PDF in an Adobe application you should use the page size tools in the toolbar shown here:

If the article has been converted to HTML, it will display within the portal frame and the text can be resized by clicking View>Text Size and choosing the size from the drop down menu shown.

Affected Systems & Users:

Any external user who wishes to increase or decrease the font size of articles in .PDF or Word format.
Additional Information:

If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, in most cases you can also hold the CTRL key and  move your mousewheel up or down to increase or decrease the relative size of the document text. This can be used for any article type containing text.

CTRL +  = Zoom.

Escalation Procedure:

If you have questions, please contact our Support team at 877-373-7848 (option 2), or via email at

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