ATR Emails Containing Some Characters are Not Sent


Knowledgebase version 9.0.1 before Hot Fix 3.


ATR emails which contain certain characters ({}[]<>) are not sent from Portal Style 4 portals and no error is presented to notify the user that the submission failed. Due to the lack of an error notification to the user, this issue is not generally reported until after the fact; either when the ATR email is never answered, or when the server administrator sees specific errors appearing in the KBPortal log.

This issue is confirmed when:

  • Users report that their ATR submission has not been answered, and there is no record of the email being sent or received.
  • Specific errors are seen in the KBPortal log referencing SubmitATR or ATRPost. Examples of these types of errors are:
    |Error|DirectRequestController.ATRPost => PortalATR.SubmitATR =>  KBData.ExecQueryNonQuery|Exception in ExecQueryNonQuery

    |Error|ActionMethodDispatcher.Execute => |There are more close brackets than open brackets in the boolean expression(s)at KnowledgeBase.Search.KBSearchService.SearchAnyWord(SearchParamsList searchParamList) in c:\TFSBld\KB901\KB\Sources\KnowledgeBase\Components\KBSearch\SearchService\KBSearchService.cs:line 1030

    |Error||Error in SubmitATR:

    |Error||Error in SubmitATRIncorrect syntax near


Knowledgebase version 9.0.1 Hot Fix 3


This issue only occurs for portal style 4 portals and is documented in TFS ID 18941 and is resolved in and later versions.

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