Knowledge Portal Custom Domains

Instead of using the default KB portal address assigned by Moxie, such as, you can implement a custom domain such as when using Knowledge version 10. A custom domain helps reinforce your brand and it also enables your customers to continue a chat on the KB portal that started on your main site. 

Implementing a custom domain requires purchasing a SSL certificate and updating your DNS records. This article describes the requirements for the certificate and DNS updates. To request a custom domain please contact Moxie Support

SSL Certificates

You may purchase a SSL certificate from any recognized certificate authority as long as it meets the following requirements:

  • We support Wildcard, SAN, and Standard certificates
  • Certificate must be in PEM format
  • Clients must provide a certificate, a key and the certificate chain/ intermediate certificate from your SSL Certificate Authority
  • A separate certificate must be provided for each tenant that requires a custom domain. Certificates cannot be shared across tenants. 

DNS Updates

  • Your DNS administrator must add a CNAME record to map the custom domain to Moxie.
  • We support single level sub-domains such as Multi-level subdomains such as not supported 
  • The CNAME record should map the following values: 
    • Subdomain/Hostname: The desired custom URL for your portal such as
    • Destination/Target:  The default portal address provided by Moxie Support or Professional Services, such as 


  • Custom domains are currently only available for KB 10 portals.