Activating the Resume Suspended Chat Session Option


Moxie Channels NetAgent (Chat) version 7.0 and later.


In order to resume a suspended chat session, the following must be done:

Configure the Resume Session Option in the Moxie Channels Web Administrator
  1. Navigate to Chat, then select Portal Builder and select the Questionnaire tab.
  2. Click on the name of the questionnaire for the Service Line for which you wish to enable the Suspended Chat Session feature.
  3. Click on the Add Question button found toward the bottom of the page.
  4. Add an appropriate question in the Question/Description field such as 'Would you like to resume your earlier Chat?'
  5. Click on the dropdown arrow for the 'Type of Element' and select the 'check for resume session' option.
  6. Click [UPDATE] to save the changes.
Suspending a chat session in Agent Client
When a Customer requests the ability to suspend the chat and return to it later:
  1. The Agent must check and make sure the customer has enabled cookies in Internet Explorer (Note: Customer will be unable to return to the chat session if they do not have IE configured to accept cookies.)
  2. The Agent will suspend the chat by clicking on the blue suspend chat icon.

Resuming the Suspended Chat Session

  1. The customer can resume the suspended chat by going back to portal and clicking on the Request Chat icon.
  2. The login screen will have the option to resume chat selected. (If the customer wants to start a new chat, they will have to uncheck the resume chat option.)


Agents and Customers.



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