About Webfile Manager

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About WebFile Manager

The Web File manager enables the storage of common, or frequently used images, or files, and provide a reference to them in the Knowledgebase Articles. To access the Web File manager, select Web File Manager from the Content tab. The Web File Manager is displayed.

The Web File Manager

When uploading an image or other file to the Web File Manager, the file is assigned a unique web address. This web address references and displays the file in certain locations. The three most common locations or uses for files that are stored in the Web File Manager are:

nGen KB Customer Portal - When customizing the look and feel of a portal, HTML scripting can be used, and the web file address to embed files from the Web File Manager. The web file appears in the various areas around the portal or portal snap-in, according to the customization.

Knowledgebase Articles - To reference an image or other web file in a KnowledgeBase Article, use the URL for the web file in the appropriate location in the Article. Typically, this is done when creating Articles on-line, using one of the online editors.

Offline Article Templates - When customizing an Article Template, the option of using Style Sheets or custom graphics is available, which can be referenced from the Web File Manager.

Another way to embed an image file into an Article or area of the portal for customization is to upload the file to the Attachment Library and reference the file in the HTML or Article. Use the following syntax: [ [ image:10 ] ] where 10 is the ID of the file in the attachment library. This method is more complicated, so it is recommended that the Web File Manager be used for this purpose.

This information can be found in our administrator's guide in the chapter entitled "Webfile Manager", it's available in the downloads section on the support site.