Ad Manager will not Display Advertisement when Searching the Portal


Knowledgebase 8.3.2 HotFix 4 and later.


 Replication Steps:
1. Log into the Knowledgebase administrative website.  
2. Select Portal tab.
3. Select Ad Manager.
4. Create a New Advertisement and save.
5. Then go to Portal style 4 and select Widget Management.
6.  Ensure Ad Manager is selected and save.
7. Launch the Portal style 4 portal previously configured in preceding steps and type in the test word specified when creating the advertisement.
8. Search.
9. The advertisement is not displayed in the results.

Note:   This issue is also reproducible in a Knowledgebase with portal style 3 as well in Knowledgebase 8.3.2 HotFix 4, and also on a fresh install of Knowledgebase 9.0.1 HotFix 3.


Knowledgebase 9.0.2


This issue has been addressed by our development team and the internal tracking number is TFS 19643

To correct this issue take the following steps:

1.  Back up the two files from the path below prior to applying the new attached files. 
C: \Program Files\\knowledgebase\applicationprogram\scripts\maintenance\autonomyConfigUpdate\AutonomyDBConfigUpdate.exe
C: \Program Files\\knowledgebase\applicationprogram\scripts\maintenance\autonomyConfigUpdate\AutonomyDBConfigUpdate.pdb

Note:  The drive letter is arbitrary and varies by individual installation.

2.  Replace these files with the two files in the which can be found in attachments.
3.  Run AutonomyDBConfigUpdate.exe from a CMD window and you will see Upsell data pulled to populate into the autonomy status form.