Moxie Product Feature Deprecation Notice

Moxie® Product Feature Deprecation Notice

This article outlines the timeline for when selected functionality within Moxie's Channels & Knowledge platforms will be end of life.  When a feature is end of life, it will no longer be available or supported.

Knowledge Version 10 

The following features have been deprecated on Knowledge version 10.

  • Active Directory Authentication
  • Channels-KB Connector 
  • Embedded Articles
  • Export Portal
  • Forums
  • Glossary
  • Import KB
  • Office to HTML Conversion
  • Portal Style 4 
  • Portal Style 4 Design Tools
  • Remote Site, Database, File System and SharePoint Search
  • Responsive Portal
  • RSS
  • Smart Personalization
  • Solution Finders
  • Wikis

January 1, 2017

Channels Features Deprecated




Social Media


January 1, 2019

Channels Features Deprecated


SQL Server



January 1, 2020

Channels Features Deprecated


Mobilephone Template

Tablet Template

Sales Conversion 

Sales Value

Proactive Chat

Reporting Proactive

Inter-enterprise Transfer

Frequently Used MailTos

Frequently Used Files

Chat Session Request - Custom

Chat Session Transfer – Custom

Chat session Notes - Custom

Chat EDA Replacement Script

Referral Codes

Portal Builder: PCQ – Server Callback fields

Portal Builder: Style – Company name.

Portal Builder: Style –  Type of login: Callback, Callback LB

Portal Builder: Style – Page title (responsive)

Portal Builder: Builder - Proactive

Session Properties Options (ignore/ Allow properties)

Exit Options





Custom Spell Check Dictionaries

Agent Scripting

Database Management – Database Health

Admin configuration of SQL Server

Database Management – Database Encryption

Database Archive

Access List (admin, supervisor, agent)

Admin Event Log Filter – Telephony

Email Event Log Configuration

Database Management – Database Setup: Archive, Archive Purge

Database Management – Database Setup: Pre-Cleanup or Archive Script

Login Authentication – AD

Login Authentication – Script

System – Templates: Events Text File Templates, Real-time XSL Update Templates, Callback Request Templates, Status Template




Enable Agent Initiated Email – Global  Enablement


Agent Client

KB Connector