Deprecation Notice: Concierge JSAPI V1

Deprecation of Concierge JSAPI v1

The Concierge visitor client provides a JavaScript API (JSAPI) that enables customer websites to pass data to the Concierge visitor client and programmatically interact with it.

Concierge 1.4.0 provides a new version of the JSAPI (JSAPI v2), that includes additional functionality and enhancements. The original JSAPI (JSAPI v1) shall remain in support for one full year following the release of Concierge 1.4.0, which was deployed on February 28, 2018. This document serves as official notice of deprecation of JSAPI Version 1 (v1). All Concierge customers are required to update their website integration to reference JSAPI v2 by February 27, 2019.

JSAPI v2 adds the following enhancements/capabilities:

  • All methods now return a promise value
  • A new method (updatePage) adds programmatic support for re-initializing the visitor client, causing the client to completely re-load and re-evaluate all engagement rules. This is intended for use in single-page application frameworks where the browser transitions pages without requiring reloads. Customers can use this method to programmatically inform the visitor client that the page changed so that rules can be re-evaluated and the visitor client can be updated accordingly throughout the visitor journey.
    • For details on the updatePage method and instructions for transitioning from v1 to v2 of the JSAPI, refer to the 1.4.0 version of the Concierge Website Integration Guide and the Concierge Release Notes.
  • All methods now reference the conciergev2 object instead of the concierge object.