Guide – JavaScript Subresource Integrity Hash

Subresource Integrity, for Javascript, is a security feature which enables browsers to verify resources that it downloads are delivered without any unexpected changes.  As such, Guide has a hash value which is used in the validation of content for Subresource Integrity. 

Please note that JavaScript hash values are subject to change with each new release of Guide.  As this is the case, these values are subject to change, not only with scheduled releases, but also with emergency releases of Guide products, which may occur with no advanced notice.


CXone Moxie does not own or manage a customer’s implementation for JavaScript Subresource Integrity.  It is our Customers responsibility to ensure their code is validated against the latest hash value for Guide, which is outlined below in this article.  Customers will be notified of new Guide releases via the standard means of communication for Release Announcements and Maintenance Notifications. 

It is our customer’s responsibility ensure that Moxie Software has an up-to-date list of notification recipients so that the correct audience is notified of these changes to validate and take action to update custom JavaScript code as to ensure it has the correct Hash Value. 

Current Hash for Release 1.34



If you have trouble performing these steps, or have additional questions, please contact our Support team at 877-373-7848 (option 2) or via email at