Google Chrome 80 update

Google’s Chrome 80 is scheduled for release on February 4, 2020 and changes may have some impact to user's of Moxie's Chat. The impact with this update in effect removes access to cookies created by Moxie Chat, similar impact as Chrome's Incognito mode.

The changes in Chrome 80 includes a new default cookie attribute setting of SameSite=Lax. Previously, the SameSite cookie attribute defaulted to SameSite=None. Also new with Chrome 80, when SameSite is set to None, cookies must be tagged with the Secure attribute indicating that they require an encrypted HTTPS connection to their website.

The impact is only to our customers who use:

  1. Channels based Conversion Reporting; This will stop reporting conversions.  This does not impact Concierge based conversions.
  2. Suspend Session; Visitors will not resume the same chat session when returning and will start a new chat session with the next available agent.
  3. Connect to Same Agent; Visitors will not be offered to connect to the same agent for their next chat session but will go to the next available agent
  4. Never Invite feature will not prevent a proactive invitation

Moxie has available updates for this issue.

If you have any questions, please contact Moxie Support.