Moxie Applications Cookies Guide

Moxie takes compliance with the data privacy legislation very seriously. Moxie is aware of various regulations regarding the use of cookies and is carefully reviewing the impact to our products. Consistent with the regulatory guidance, Moxie performs the following three-step review:

  • Audit of the Moxie® products and their use of cookies, including whether use falls into exempt categories.
  • Review of end user impact of product cookies to determine if any can be deleted without impacting product functionality.
  • Assess available consent collection mechanisms, including pop-up prompts, modified terms of use, and future use of browser settings. All consent mechanisms are evaluated in light of their compliance with applicable regulations, impact on the end user experience, and integration with site-wide approaches being taken by Moxie licensees.

This document Moxie Applications Cookies Guide.pdf covers the first item in the list and describes the cookies and their usage in the respective Moxie applications:

  • Channels
  • Knowledge
  • Concierge
  • Single Sign On